Product Quality

NNL offers a strong and growing service to measure and assess vitrified product performance which is particularly focused on HLW in alkali borosilicate glass.

Our Service

Our Product Quality service includes:                

  • Glass product assessment by visual, optical and SEM (with EDS) analysis and phase identification and calcine assessment
  • As-cast and heat-treated glass by Soxhlet leach testing, PCT (for powders) and MCC-1 (for monoliths)
  • ASTM Standard durability tests are regularly used and this increased experience is generating additional product performance data that is invaluable for developing Letters of Compliance for deep ground disposal
  • We also offer assessments of various waste types at a range of incorporation rates and can assess the impact of groundwater composition on durability to help customers more fully understand the mechanisms of glass corrosion
  • Additional techniques, e.g. single pass flow-through test (SPFT), can be adopted as necessary to support the case for product quality
  • We have also developed techniques to assess the performance of vitrified products once they are in long-term storage. Manufacturing and storage conditions have a direct impact on performance. NNL's technique enables customers to measure and evaluate this performance
  • Thermal analysis equipment (TGA and DTA) is also currently available for measuring characteristic temperatures