Waste Product Design

NNL has over 25 years' experience providing waste product design services based on nuclear industry cements, polymers and a range of other materials. The choice of matrix, formulation and containment for the immobilisation of radioactive wastes is complex.

NNL service provides the knowledge and expertise to help customers make fully informed decisions. We support each step in a process that leads to the consistent production of waste products to meet the high standards required for long-term storage and safe disposal

Our Service

We offer waste product design based on nuclear industry standard cements (Portland cement with fly ash or blastfurnace slag), alternative cements (eg aluminates, phosphates), polymers, metal encapsulants, glass, ceramics and glass-ceramics.

  • Characterisation of wastes and development of simulants for use in trials
  • Selection of candidate matrices from available options
  • Development of a formulation for both small and large scale trials
  • Definition of process envelope and product parameters to guarantee high quality products
  • Presentation of evidence to gain regulatory approval
  • In addition, we work closely with our customers to commission active plant operations, including training and continued operational support

Benefits of Our Service

  • Our service provides customers with a detailed understanding of behaviour of a wide range of process wastes
  • Our people have significant operational experience from developing, commissioning and supporting operations of six encapsulation plants over more than two decades
  • We have extensive experience dealing with the full range of potential matrices
  • Our facilities are excellent and we offer a fully integrated service


Email: customers@nnl.co.uk 

Waste Product Design