Windscale Laboratory

NNL's Windscale Laboratory is a highly active handling and inspection facility located on the Sellafield site in West Cumbria.

The facility comprises 13 heavily shielded cells (also known as caves), each fitted with equipment enabling remote operations for the handling, transfer, preparation, inspection and disposal of highly radioactive materials.

The plant is highly flexible and, in addition to office space, is able to service customers in several ways:

  • Handling various types of horizontally, top and bottom loading flasks weighing up to 60 tonnes via 2 flask import/ export routes
  • Spent fuel (oxide and metal) handling and repackaging
  • Segregation, sorting, size reducing, packing and despatch of a range of Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW) and Low Level Wastes (LLW)
  • Post Irradiation Examination (PIE) of fuel and reactor materials
  • Sample preparation for a range of in-cave destructive and non-destructive analytical and measurement techniques



Windscale Laboratory