Plutonium Gloveboxes

Our flagship Central Laboratory in Sellafield hosts a number of state of the art Pu active gloveboxes. Specially designed for flexibility, the layout of each one can be customised to suit our customers' needs.

Our suite of gloveboxes and other cutting edge equipment allows experiments to be carried out with more civil plutonium than any other research laboratory in the UK. Here is the full glovebox specification:

  • 8 high integrity Pu active gloveboxes (with Pu experiments of up to 100g) including 2 interconnected boxes
  • 4 gloveboxes available with N2 or Ar atmosphere control with gas lines for localised atmosphere control
  • Variable air changes per hour for specific requirements, i.e. dry or wet operations
  • All gloveboxes fitted with UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy capability
  • 2 gloveboxes fitted with Raman spectroscopy capability
  • Feed lines installed to allow inactive solutions and cooling water to be pumped into the boxes
  • 10 supporting fumehoods for preparation of radioactive materials and samples for analysis
  • Bulkhead connectors (240v and 110v) installed for electrical appliances, e.g. furnaces, balances, stirrers, hotplates, auto-titrators, etc
  • Other Fischer connectors available for thermocouples, pH electrodes and such

Phase 2: Commissioning the Alpha Development Laboratories.

In the near future our Central Lab will boast a further 35 gloveboxes, differing in size and shielding. Some will be equipped, while others remain flexible. Phase 2 will also allow larger quantities of special nuclear material to be used. Phase 2 is scheduled to be 'project ready' by April 2014. 

Plutonium Gloveboxes