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Commercial Services

Post Irradiation Examination

NNL has significant experience in the post irradiation examination (PIE) of commercial reactor fuels, novel fuels and irradiated reactor components. Much of the development work for UK fuel requirements was carried out in the shielded facilities which NNL operate. NNL continue to support the operational requirements of the current UK reactor fleet.

Our Service

Post irradiation examination techniques lead to a better understanding of material behaviour. Historically, these techniques have contributed to the development of the design and operation of all reactor systems, in addition to providing data to validate modelling codes.

NNL has considerable experience in developing new evaluation techniques to meet customer requirements. For example, the remote handling of small and fragile specimens. NNL also represent the UK on a number of international committees for fuel performance and the development of measurement standards.

One of our main strengths is flexibility, with the ability to handle a full range of fuel and irradiated materials, including steels and graphite.

NNL offer a full range of non-destructive and destructive PIE techniques, including:

  • Visual examination
  • Rod length/diameter measurement
  • Profilometry
  • Gamma scanning
  • Cladding defects analysis
  • Leak testing
  • Fission gas measurement
  • Density measurement
  • Thermal properties
  • Optical and electron optical examination
  • Corrosion measurements
  • Mechanical testing
  • Consultancy services