Remote Engineering

As part of our commitment to improving the UK nuclear industry, we offer a world of remote engineering insight. Many of the technologies involved are purpose-built for the task in hand, or the customer. Which means we'll always deliver the best solution possible, rather than the best solution available. Remote engineering doesn't just deliver accurate, cost-effective results, It also helps to safeguard on-site personnel. Our experienced professionals provide a complete service, including support, design, build and technical advice.

NNL has more than 25 years' experience providing a professional remote engineering service. We offer a full range of expertise including the design, development and deployment of purpose built, remotely operable, inspection and intervention systems for use within nuclear production and power plants and for decommissioning activities.

Our dedicated team of experts are based at NNL's Workington Laboratory. They provide all these services, plus a range of additional engineering support

Key Services

Our major service areas are:

  • Remote engineering
  • Waste retrieval
  • Decommissioning
  • Mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation design

Full Range of Services

These services are supported by supporting services, either in combination or on their own:

  • Mechanical systems and equipment design (2D and 3D)
  • Electrical, control and instrumentation design
  • Engineering systems and equipment design and development for the intervention and repair of active plant and underwater operations
  • Inactive rig design, build and trials
  • Robotics and remote handling consultancy
  • Manipulator assessment, development and deployment
  • Technical assessments, optioneering and feasibility studies
  • Engineering support to active plant, e.g. Magnox ponds and decanner operations

Significant Experience

NNL has contributed to a significant number of projects over the past decades. Projects include:

  • Remote replacement of water cooled, high voltage conductors
  • Remote camera inspections
  • Remote retrieval of nuclear waste
  • CAGR fuel element turntable
  • Jet ballast trials
  • Pipe vibration measurement
  • Remote underwater sludge sampling system