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Decision Science

After graduating from Lancaster University with a BSc. (Hons.) in Information Technology and Media Communications, Jon became a self-employed website developer, building bespoke PHP-powered e-Commerce Content Management Systems for a wide range of online retailers and estate agencies.

Since joining NNL in July 2014, Jon has been involved with the maintenance and updating of the Sellafield Ltd Magnox Can Store Database and its related software (such as the Sellafield Ltd Can Export System application for Phase 2 work at NNL’s Central Laboratory), building a database solution and desktop application for Innovus project tracking and management, revamping the corporate NNL templates (including building additional functionality through C# VSTO-based Add-ins) and is involved in building Microsoft SharePoint-powered sites internally as well as for our customers.

More recently his work has been focused on implementing a C++/C#-based control system for NNL’s H2020 EU RoMaNS project contribution, which will integrate various software components to monitor and control the rig environment.