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Decision Science

Caroline is an applied statistician with over 8 years’ experience in industry. Currently, her main focus is on applying statistical methods to the analysis of plant data and laboratory experiments. The results of such analyses are used to inform plant operators of the expected operating conditions and guide them in their decision making. Caroline’s main customer has been Sellafield Ltd (High Level Waste Plants and various product and waste stores). She has also collaborated on a number of smaller projects for other customers (reprocessing plants for Sellafield Ltd, NDA, OEE & internal Strategic research). Caroline is familiar with a number of statistical methods including (but not limited to); various forms of linear and non-linear regression, multivariate analyses, sample size estimation, experimental design methodology, bootstrapping and monte-carlo simulation.

Caroline is passionate about communicating statistics to a non-statistical audience, describing technical content simply. She has a track record of delivering quality solutions for customers. Many of the projects she has completed and collaborated on have been high priority and required regulatory review and approval. More recently she has been developing interest in the area of savvy experimental design, developing internal guidance for experimenters and producing targeted designs to reduce costs. Caroline also provides statistical oversight within the NNL technical standard committee, promoting the importance of statistical rigor in order to make robust decisions.

Further background:

  • Caroline is a chartered statistician with the Royal Statistical Society.
  • Caroline spent her early career within the pharmaceutical industry at GlaxoSmithKline, designing and analysing results from early human drug trials. Being part of a graduate scheme for statisticians enabled her to rapidly develop her technical skills and experience. She was the senior statistician for key projects and was heavily involved in the design of trials. Statistical analysis techniques generally focused on mixed effects ANOVAs and some non-parametric testing. Her transfer to the nuclear industry enabled her to grow her breadth of statistical knowledge and tackle a more diverse and a complex range of statistical challenges.
  • Caroline has an MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine (Distinction) from the University of Southampton and a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences: Mathematics and Psychology (2:1) from the University of Durham.