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Decision Science

Andrew is a chemical engineer and applied statistician with over thirty years experience in the nuclear industry. His current focus is on applying statistical methods to the analysis of plant and laboratory data, providing information and decision support to plant operators. Whilst much of the work has been in support of High Level Waste Plants (HLWP) at Sellafield, projects have been undertaken in support of the majority of the Sellafield operating units, as well as Reactor Operations and the NDA. Statistical methods used include a wide range of ANOVA and regression models (including mixed effects models and hybrid mechanistic/statistical models), spatial data analysis, design of sampling schemes and experimental design for laboratory trials. Previous roles and capabilities include:

  • Leading a team operating test rigs for performance testing of items of equipment for installation in new plant. This includes aspects of rig design, operation, process improvement and decommissioning.
  • Providing technical assessments, predominantly in the area of liquid effluents, for a number of operating plants on the Sellafield site, including preparation of design flowsheets for the liquid effluent system on THORP.
  • Developing and running process models using the software tools SPEEDUP, ACM and gPROMS.
  • Familiar with a wide range of software tools, including the Microsoft Office suite, Matlab, Mathcad, Minitab, R, and other specialist statistical software (RS/1, Simca/P, etc).