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Commercial Services

Access to Facilities

At NNL, we're focused on the future. So we now allow access to 10% of our state-of-the-art Central Laboratory to the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool.

Part of our remit from the Department of Energy and Climate Change is to make our facilities available to the wider scientific community. And by opening our doors to the academic world, universities and students are in a much better place to progress important lines of research.

Access to world-leading facilities is vital for the future of nuclear research. Especially so if we're to remain at the cutting edge of nuclear power. That's why we've worked hard with our partners to establish academic access to the world-leading Central Laboratory and built the Dalton Cumbrian Facility.

Now that we've created a nuclear research innovation in West Cumbria, we want to bring more talented people into the nuclear industry. That's why we hope to build more and more partnerships in the future, with every university in the UK.


NoteNNL’s activities in its leased facilities at Springfields (Preston Lab) and Sellafield (Central Lab and Windscale Lab) are operated under Command & Control regimes by Springfields Fuels Ltd and Sellafield Ltd respectively. Activities carried out under those regimes are constrained by the relevant Environmental Permits and Nuclear Site Licences held by Springfields Fuels Ltd and Sellafield Ltd.