The future starts here

You might not know it, but we're busy changing the future right now. We're experts in every stage of the entire nuclear cycle. The only UK organisation with the skills, facilities and expertise to provide complete technical support.

Created by the Government, we offer an unrivalled range of products and services in Britain and abroad - from fuel manufacture, power generation and waste processing to defence, new nuclear build and Homeland Security.

Innovation, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teamwork are what we do. And you'll experience them every day when you join NNL. Working here means powering the UK's energy future. Shaping and changing it too, by supplying pioneering R&D that monitors, safeguards and drives the nuclear world forward. Whether it's leading sustainability, supporting skills and safety or attracting new people to the industry. At NNL, you'll experience challenge and stretch, every single day.

Where could you make a difference?

Central Laboratory

Based at Sellafield, Cumbria, it's the UK's flagship nuclear R&D facility. Designed around flexibility and collaboration, it supports new reactor build and reactor operations. Plus, decommissioning, clean up and fuel processing plants.

Preston Laboratory

A state-of-the-art lab designed to support low-activity uranium R&D, along with office-based technical and business services. Activities cover Nuclear Physics & Advanced Reactors, Fuel Design & Manufacture, Specialist Analytical Services, Process Chemistry and Environment.

Workington Laboratory

Workington is home to a team of technical professionals, rig operators, process workers and workshop staff. They handle Technical Assessment, Solution Proposition, the design and manufacture of test rigs and operator training.

NNL Culham

Our Culham Laboratory provides extensive analysis, plus chemistry and materials consultancy. Expertise covers Post Irradiation Examination Analysis, Fuel & Graphite Analysis, Materials Evaluation and Radiation Chemistry.

NNL Risley

Located in Warrington, Cheshire, NNL Risley handles Modelling & Simulation, Engineering Project Management, Corporate Functions, Environment and Homeland Security & Non-proliferation.

NNL Stonehouse

Our Stonehouse laboratory is based in Gloucestershire and covers two different areas of expertise - Station Chemistry & Corrosion and Graphite Technology.

Windscale Laboratory

This is our active handling and inspection facility based on the Windscale Nuclear Site at Sellafield. It features heavily shielded cells with remote operations, enabling the handling, transfer, preparation and inspection of highly active materials.

Visit the 'Our Facilities' section to find out more about our UK facilities or click here to learn about some of the exciting projects that NNL are involved in.