Work Experience/Summer Internships/Placements

National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is an exciting place to work and develops understanding at the cutting edge of science and engineering in the nuclear industry. We always aim to exceed expectations when it comes to protecting the environment, preventing accidents, supporting skills and investing in education. In fact, we’re tasked by the Government to preserve the future of the nuclear industry, through training, development and support.

Why should I consider work experience?

Work placements allow you to gain real hands-on experience in a work environment providing more insight into an industry, organisation and role. Employers also look to see if you have any work experience as part of any job applications, so any experience you do have will help you in the process of securing a job.

What does our work experience programme involve?

The work experience week has been designed to give you an idea of what it is like to work in the nuclear industry. During the week, you will work as part of a team to undertake a project which will cover activities across the different areas and disciplines at NNL. After the project work has been completed you will have the opportunity to present your findings and conclusions in front of a small audience. Talks will be given by industry experts on a wide range of topics to help you learn more about our industry. You will also get to experience tours around the NNL facilities and Labs. Additionally you will have the chance to talk to graduates and apprentices, exploring the different career paths available to you across the nuclear industry. To enhance your employability the week will also include a practice assessment centre and a Q&A session to support you in your career.

Where does the NNL work experience programme take place?

We currently run programmes at Warrington, Preston & Cumbria. Unfortunately we are currently not running a programme at our southern facilities.

How long is the work experience for?

For all of our sites the work experience programme is a duration of 1 week. Due to our industry we have a number of security regulations which does not allow us to provide experience for more than this period. However, we ensure that you gain a real insight into our business whilst you are here.

Am I eligible for the work experience programme?

As part of our work experience programme we provide opportunities for A-Level/BTEC students. If you would like to be considered for a place on our programme you must be:

  • On track to achieve A-Levels at a Pass mark minimum or a BTEC at a Pass grade.