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Business Leaders

Tim is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and a member of the Association of Project Managers. He has more than 20 years' international experience managing projects in the nuclear industry. In his current role as Business Leader for Spent Fuel Management Technology, Tim's main responsibilities include:

  • Leading the development of solutions for customers in the area of spent fuel management
  • Utilising the science and technology associated with spent fuel management for new and novel applications
  • Managing a team of scientists and engineers to ensure high quality delivery of work for customers

Tim's extensive experience began as a student in the Fuel Handling Plant at Sellafield, commissioning Calder fuel handling equipment. Following that he joined the Research and Development department of British Nuclear Fuels to work on advanced reprocessing technology and later spent time working at the Hanford site in the USA. His previous role as Senior Project Manager saw him responsible for the delivery of a large portfolio of domestic and international projects, including work for the European Union and the European Space Agency.