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Our People

The Executive Team are responsible for making the primary decisions within the NNL. They are a collection of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and contributing diverse experience both nuclear and non-nuclear.

Senior Fellows are world-recognised technical experts. They act as a technical lead on a wide range of research and development projects and are involved with collaborative research opportunities to promote NNL technical reputation.

Senior Visiting Fellows are experts from outside of our organisation who work with us by making an active and professional contribution in their specialist area. Their role means they can bring their skills to NNL across a number of areas such as supporting our technical strategy and internal research programmes. They work with the teams in the business that align with their expertise, providing support and mentoring. Additionally, they identify and contribute to research proposals and provide links into their host organisation, helping to improve NNL’s overall capability and technical excellence.

  • People

    As a nuclear technology business, our success depends on the knowledge, experience and skills of our people. That's why here at NNL, we employ the best in the business. Our people truly are our greatest and most valued asset. Thanks to their shared innovation and expertise, the future of nuclear energy is in good hands.

    There are two different ways we look to maintain an outstanding talented workforce - Key Technical Support and Resourcing.

  • Key Technical Support

    Unsurprisingly, the nuclear industry needs constant access to the best technology and facilities. With the strong support of a reliable supplier with a proven track record, we're constantly investing in our people and resources to grow our capability.

  • Resourcing

    To bring in the best people, we have a resourcing strategy in place. That means we have extensive experience in securing high calibre individuals with specialist technical skills in areas of scarcity. For existing personnel, training and retraining, we have a range of schemes to refresh our skills base and solve any skills shortages.